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Welcome to the chain of command world

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Dear Dynamics world's friends!!

My first entry in this blog and the truth is that I am very excited to think that it will be the first of many more. In this one in particular I am not going to write anything about horrible developments or newly integration techniques between systems, but I simply intend to introduce myself and promise you that I will try to give you very valuable information so that you can carry out your developments.

Of course I am a developer of Dynamics 365 F&O or Supply Chain or ... whatever it is called at the time you read the article. I also manage in the worlds of Power Platform and in the dark world of BI (you know: SSIS, SSAS ...).

Although this blog is going to be 80% focused on D365FO, you will also have (or I intend to) posts on the other areas that I consider myself a part of.

You can subscribe without problem to receive the new publications as well as alerts or "details" that I consider necessary to know.

Thanking one of the persons who transformed me into what I am, I hope "the force be with you."


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